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Edinburgh Plant Science Summer Event, hosting Syngenta

15th June 2017, Waddington Building, Room 1.08, King’s Buildings Campus, University of Edinburgh, EH9 3BF


Edinburgh University is delighted to host the forthcoming Edinburgh Plant Science Summer Event and we welcome Dr Dave Hughes our guest from Syngenta. News on EPS funding successes, on-going funding applications and projects will be provided by Professor Karen Halliday, EPS Director (SBS, UoE), Professor Mat Williams (GeoSciences, UoE) and Dr David Kenyon (SASA). Our Internationalisation agenda will be presented by Professor Geoff Simm, Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security (UoE), Dr Alexanra Schlenzig, (SASA) and Dr Peter Doerner (SBS, UoE). Industry and Innovation talks will be delivered by Dr Dave Hughes, Head of Global Technology, Syngenta, Professor Joyce Tait FRSE, Director, Innogen Insitute,  Professor Gary Loake (SBS, UoE) and Dr Alistair McCormick (SBS, UoE...

Edinburgh Plant Science and the University of Edinburgh Plant Science Society are hosting a student-organised event primarily targeted at undergraduate and postgraduate students and those early in their careers. We are showcasing some of the varied and fascinating places an interest in plants can lead to. 

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